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Bracketi safir ClearViz+ Mini

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1. web: www.dynaflex.com ph: 800-489-4020 082814 © 2014 DynaFlex® , St. Louis, MO 63074. Printed in U.S.A. All rights reserved. It is a violation of copyright law to reproduce all or part of this material, including photography, without the permission of DynaFlex®. “ “ Bracket System The beauty of the ClearViz+ Mini is that will you give up nothing in treatment and gain the patient satisfaction of using a crystal clear bracket. The endless features of ClearViz+ Mini include: the superior strength and clarity of Monocrystalline Sapphire , Plasma silica coating for superior sliding mechanics and slot strength , 30% smaller size with perfectly rounded edges for uncompromising patient comfort, infinite bond strength throughout treatment, and the perfection of minimal fracture during debonding . As you can see, there is no equal to the ClearViz+ Mini in aesthetic orthodontic treatment. This revolutionary monocrystalline sapphire bracket will forever change the way you look and think about clear brackets. Our Best Clear Bracket Ever... 30% Smaller than the original ClearViz+ Super Clear Substantially Smaller! “I’m a huge advocate of patient comfort which is why I chose the ClearViz Mini Brackets. They are substantially smaller than most clear brackets available on the market today which is a huge plus for patients who may be apprehensive about wearing braces for the first time. Additionally, the brackets are so visibly clear that they make the perfect option for patients concerned about aesthetics. Great job Dynaflex.” Dr. Heather Brown, D.D.S. | Houston, Texas


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