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1. The O nly Bondable Buttons Designed Specifically For Clear Aligners. 1-800-489-4020 | www.dynaflex.com • Base pad is perfectly tailored to fit the shape of the aligner cutout windows. • Maximum surface area for a reliable bond strength. • Base pad is contoured to fit the tooth at the gumline. • Enhanced button head makes it easy to attach elastics of different sizes. • Positioning dimple on the button head for precise placement. Dr. Neal Kravitz South Riding, VA Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis Princeton, NJ “Precision Aligner Buttons® are the only buttons we use when incorporating elastics with clear aligners. They give me the control and efficacy that I enjoy with elastic button cutouts, but without the emergency appointments.” “Precision Buttons® give me the peace of mind of a perfect fit every time on every patient lending to greater comfort and fewer failures. I never imagined they could make such a positive difference and impact but they have!” 032421 © 2021 DynaFlex®. All rights reserved. It is a violation of copyright law to reproduce all or part of this material, including photography, without the permission of DynaFlex®. Clear: Design Patent (USD910,191) Metal: Design Patent (USD859,663) - Utility Patent (Patent Pending).


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