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Corector CS5 - aplicare pivot Twist-Lock

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1. TWIST-LOCK PIVOT Helpful Application Tip 1. Having trouble with your CS®5 Twist-Lock Pivot rolling to one side or the other on those smaller gaged wires? 2. Place a small piece of orthodontic brace wax on the occlusal/incisal edge for the upper and gingival side for the lower when working on a patient. This wax can help to hold the CS®5 Twist-Lock Pivot in place while you assemble the remaining parts. 3. The wax will hold the CS®5 Twist-Lock Pivot in place while you use the Magnetic Allen Pencil to tighten the screw that holds the CS® spring in place. 4. Once you have completed your CS®5 assembly, you can remove the orthodontic brace wax with a scaler. 1 3 2 4 Follow the steps in order www.dynaflex.com | 866-346-5665 040821 © DynaFlex®. All rights reserved.


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