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Corector CS5 - pliant

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1. ULTIMATE CHAIRSIDE CORRECTION APPLIANCE Traditional CS Pivot patent: US D794,804 S. CS® Hybrid Screw Patent US D749,737S. CS® Twist Lock Patent Pending. 051220 © DynaFlex®. All rights reserved. Simple, Effective, Proven The all new DynaFlex® exclusive CS ™ 5 System delivers non-compliance treatment for all Class II & Class III cases. The NEW Twist-Lock ™ Pivot was skillfully designed as a one-piece component with no moving parts. This will guarantee a no-hassle installation and improved performance. The CS™ System creates instant and consistent force levels, providing a smoother, more constant force that performs better and lasts longer. Join the thousands of doctors worldwide that use the CS ™ System. CS ™ 5 SPRING Instant Loading Constant Force TWIST-LOCK PIVOT Simplified Installation One-Piece Design Improved Performance MAGNETIC ALLEN PENCIL Safer Placement Quick Installation All New! Introducing CS ™ 5 - Now With All New Twist-Lock ™ Pivot


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