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Corector CS5 -pliant pacient

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1. Class II Overbite CS5® is an industry leading system with over 40,000 successful cases! PATIENT GUIDE “The CS5® System is an incredible new development in non-compliance therapy. The new spring provides a smoother, more consistent force, allowing for better treatment results and increased patient comfort.” Dr. Michael Williams, DDS MS The Gulf Coast Center for Advanced Cosmetic Orthodontics CS5® system provided by Faster Treatment Times Uses A Lower Force Level Compared To Alternative Treatments Requires Less Office Visits Low Profile, No Bulky Appliances No Need To Wear Elastics Hygienic Talk to your orthodontist if you have questions about your treatment using CS5®. Class III Underbite Benefits of No More Elastics! Traditional CS Pivot patent: US D794,804 S. CS® Hybrid Screw Patent US D749,737S. CS® Twist Lock Patent Pending. 121720 © DynaFlex®. All rights reserved.

2. Important Patient Information SUCCESSFUL The CS5® is a highly effective, low force system used to treat misaligned bites. This system requires minimal effort and guarantees success. People just like you have gotten these results! Class II Treated Case (overbite) BEFORE AFTER Class III Treated Case (underbite) BEFORE AFTER It’s important to keep all your scheduled appointments to monitor progress. No More Elastics! The Results Matter... Tip 1 Tip 3 Tip 2 Tip 4 Advise your orthodontist of all pertinent bio health info. In order to optimize the effectiveness of the CS5® Corrector, DynaFlex® highly recommends following the advice of your orthodontist and offers a few simple tips to aid your success. The CS5® is one the industry’s premier devices for correcting Class II, Class III, and midline deficiencies. Used by hundreds of clinicians world-wide, it has proven itself over and over to help achieve the results that both you and the doctor are hoping to achieve. Validated by extensive testing and clinical research, and published within industry journals, the CS5® is sure to assist your treatment in producing a lifelong positive outcome. Traditional elastic rubber bands are prone to wear out, while the CS5® is designed to work 24/7 without wearing out. The low force modalities of the thermal nickel titanium springs are sure to provide you with a comfortable experience and a full range of mouth movement. Do not open your mouth excessively wide. Perform “soft” yawning with your mouth slightly open. Talk, sing, and chew away... it will make treatment move along faster! Perform regular light brushing and rinsing of the springs to keep them clean and free of food debris. Tips for treatment AFTER Case photos compliments of Dr. Andy Hayes of St. Louis, MO BEFORE wearing the


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